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Millennials Protecting their Greatest Asset

Millennials Protecting their Greatest Asset

March 26, 2018
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Millennials Should Protect Their Income


I hear far too often from Millennials that they don't "need" disability insurance because nothing is going to happen to them.  


-"I'm in great shape and I don't go to the doctor...I don't need disability insurance"

-"Nothing like that would happen and even if it did, I'd still be able to do my job"

-"My whole family is in good health-we have good genes"

 I get it....however, you just never know.  Unfortunately, accidents are just that accidents.  Many, if not all, do not see it coming and when it happens, it is way too late.  It doesn’t have to be an extreme accident.  Disability doesn’t solely mean confined to a wheelchair but it can include sickness or injury that could prevent you from working. 

  I, myself, have disability insurance and placed my own individual policy at the ripe old age of 23...why?  Because I am a very long way off from age 65/67 and anything could happen.  We know the importance of insuring our automobiles but have you thought why haven't I insured my income? 

 Millennials are the number one age group that SHOULD be getting disability insurance as we are young, healthy, and in great shape.   The advantages of doing so now are usually lower premiums and insurability along confidence of having taken the time to have this in place.  The best time to lock in a contract like this is NOW.



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