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Put Your Mask On First

Put Your Mask On First

March 23, 2018
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Put Your Mask On First

You stroll down the aisle of the plane, find your seat and settle in as you start to happily anticipate the vacation you are about to embark on.

The flight attendant begins, “should we experience any unexpected loss of air pressure an oxygen mask will be released from the overhead cabinet. Place the mask over your nose and mouth and breathe normally. Place your mask on first before assisting others.”

That is how you should approach your finances. But how many of us do?  Life goes along, the same routine, day in and day out until... TURBULENCE hits! A life event changes everything.  It could be a job loss, an accident, a health issue, a death.  It only takes one event to jolt everything out of alignment.

As a Mom, it’s just our instinct to take care of our children and families first. We forget our masks.

Most of us would like to pay for our children’s college education. I know I would. But if my son is as brilliant as I think he is there are scholarships and grants to assist the funding. If he turns out to be less than brilliant there are loans. I’m teasing about his intelligence. But Bank of America or any other financial institution is not going to give you a retirement loan. 

Paying off credit card debt... the mortgage.... your car loan--- YES! In the proper order.

Put YOUR mask on first; the time to start is now; contact me