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Student Loans -Numbers you cannot ignore

Student Loans -Numbers you cannot ignore

March 23, 2018
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Did you know that total student loan debt in the United States is more than $1.5 trillion dollars*.  $1,500,000,000,000.  That is nearly double the amount of Credit Card debt that is owed in the US.  This debt is a massive albatross that weighs on people as they enter the workforce.  Regardless of your income, the effort to manage this debt can be overwhelming.  There are 44.2 million Americans that have Student loan debt.*  

 Many people have money moving in 4 directions: 1) Paying yesterday's debt, 2) today's lifestyle, 3) saving for their future, and 4) saving for children's education.  Most people struggle to have enough money to spread in each direction and also address these inefficiently.  There are strategies to achieve many of these goals without overextending in any one particular direction.  Many assume there is nothing they can do; however, when someone has a conversation with a member of my team, they become educated as to what is possible.  These conversations usually free up cash flow to help address the other areas of their life that they have been ignoring.  

 Are there parts of your financial world that you have been ignoring?  Are your student loans a concern for you?  Do your work colleagues have concerns about their student loans?  A complimentary 15-minute conversation with a member of my team could provide confidence or could provide necessary relief from the pressures of student loans to address the other areas of their financial life. 

 *Statistics are from Student Loan Hero website as of January 2018, $1.48 Trillion in student loan debt, $620 billion more than total credit card debt.