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To "Will" Or Not To Will...That is the Question.

To "Will" Or Not To Will...That is the Question.

April 05, 2018
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One of the aspects of what I enjoy about being a financial representative is reviewing my client’s whole financial picture.  Do you know a part of the review checklist is whether you have a will in place or not?  I am not an attorney but it is an important part of my discussion with clients. The reason is that of my own personal experience when one does not exist.


My parents, who were divorced, did not have a healthy proxy or will in place.  Prior to his passing, my father became incapacitated and emergency surgery was required.  Without his living health care proxy, I was required to sign off on his surgery as well as any claims to sue should he not survive.  The success rate was only 25% not the best odds to be given. The good news is he did survive however the sad news, he passed away a few short months later.


While mourning his death, I “as next of kin” had the immense responsibility of handling his estate.  Some of the challenges to deal with were going to court, proving that I was his daughter and the eldest of his children and the associated costs of probate. I was 23 and completely unprepared to handle this situation


I’m sure my father never intended to have such great responsibilities fall on my shoulder in such in an unexpected way, but it does highlights how important it is that we take the time to have our financial planning in place especially in event of an emergency.


It’s one of the reasons why I’m in this career. I want to help review your checklist to see you and your family are prepared now and for future events.  Please feel free to reach me at