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Compound Interest Could Make You A Millionaire

Compound Interest Could Make You A Millionaire

June 03, 2019
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There's an advisor within the Guardian system named Vince D'Addona.  He's brilliant.  He's one of the nation's foremost specialist on wealth transfer, and we've been fortunate to have him speak to Alliance Financial Group a few times.  

One of the most powerful ideas I've received from talking to Vince is around the concept of the wealth accumulation curve.  You've seen various forms of the curve--they show it when you look at "the miracle of compound interest," or how much a dollar invested 30 years ago would be worth today.  

Vince's insight is this: we don't own that curve.  The 30-year time frame (or 10 years or 22.6 years you have until retirement) isn't guaranteed.  There are things that can happen along the way that could interrupt or even destroy your wealth accumulation curve.  Lawsuits. Illnesses.  Death.  The future isn't promised to us.  

This is true even for relatively short time frames.  When we're helping business owners prepare their businesses for sale, we have to plan for contingencies and continuity.  

Many people want to use a financial advisor to help them grow the curve.  We would add that the advisor's responsibility is to help you grow the curve AND protect you from the things that can destroy it.