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What's Your Superpower?

What's Your Superpower?

April 05, 2018
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I have this weird superpower.  I can read your palm and tell you what your auto insurance coverage is.  I can show you how to do it.  Look at your right palm.  Do you see the lines on there?  How they make an angle?  That means you probably have what’s called 100/300 coverage.  Now go check your policy.  Was I right?


A quick tutorial here: 100/300 means if you cause an accident and one other person is injured, your insurance company will cover up to $100,000 for the other person’s injuries.  If you hit a clown car, and 57 clowns come spilling out of the car that you hit, the insurance company will cover up to $300,000 total, but no one clown gets more than $100,000.   


The truth is, 100/300 is the standard auto insurance liability coverage.  I’m not sure why.  It’s been the standard auto liability coverage at least since I got my driver’s license.  In 1985!  I remember my mom insisting, “You have to get 100/300 coverage.”  Do you think the cost of going to the hospital has changed since 1985?  You may want to consider talking to your property and casualty insurance agent to discuss your coverage and make sure it’s appropriate for your assets and income.