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Financial Freedom RedefinedTM

Saving money can feel like fighting gravity. Every dollar you make has forces pulling on it trying to keep you apart. FL0 is a new approach that brings structure to the way you save. By gathering your savings at the source, your reservoir of wealth will grow until you’re ready to put that money to work for you.

Join the movement. Find your financial freedom faster.

Using the Flo methodology, you create a reservoir account that captures income, creating savings before it gets spent. From the reservoir, you choose when to allocate free cash to create new passive income streams that accelerate cash flow.

Fill your reservoir, build cash flow and make your move.

How much free cash flow you create now has a big impact on where you go tomorrow. With Flo, you are in control.

Why Flo Works

Flo is a community of consumers, strategists, and financial partners who are connected through a secure, digital platform with the common purpose of achieving financial independence through our proprietary cash-saving structure.

Establish Your Reservoir

Once you join Flo, your Flo Strategist will set up a reservoir account to create new savings. The reservoir is where you accumulate free cash flow to build new passive income streams. The journey starts here.

Make Your Move

Once you have accumulated enough reserves, your Flo Strategist will make recommendations about income diversification options specifically for you. Congratulations! Creating new passive income streams is the first step toward financial independence.

Get Started with Flo

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