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" Everyone needs a purpose behind their money. "

John Bellino ChFC

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What is the biggest fear most successful
executives have about retirement?


But of course, you can’t afford for it to run out! Especially if it happens when you’re in your 70s, 80s, or even your 90s. That would be disastrous for you, your spouse and your family. You've worked hard, you've had a successful career, and this part should be easy. Even if life throws a curve-ball at you, you’ve been known to handle those quite well. You should be fine, but how do you know for sure? It could cost you a retirement…

The truth is, the “system” tells you to save money-”pile it up”. But it never tells you how to turn that money into stable, long-lasting income that will help allow you to maintain (or even increase) your standard of living in retirement.

I understand.

I’ve spent the last 30 years working with executives, just like you. People who are making good money but aren’t sure if their plan for retirement is going to work as planned. Some are surprised to see how quickly their current retirement plan runs out of money when we model it for them.

There are small, yet important changes to your financial plan that can help create life-long income.

3 ways John can help:

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What To Expect

Step 1 | Are you saving at the right rate?

Step 2 | Have you protected what you have from liability & taxes?

Step 3 | Are your savings diversified?

Step 4 | Have you created a retirement income distribution plan?

Step 5 | Achieving clarity on the true purpose of your money.

The cost of getting a second opinion on your plan is nothing.

Most people we work with already have “a guy”, but they don’t always have a plan for maximizing their income over their lifetime.

We will help you:

  • Gain confidence knowing you’re saving enough so you’re able to live the lifestyle you want for your whole life.

  • Get clarity on the true purpose of your money by knowing which buckets of money serve which purpose in your plan. No more “one big pile of savings”.

  • Have a plan to make up for lost time if needed, and maximize the savings you’ve created so far.


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