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" Living in Fear and Scarcity is not living at all. "

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Lou Rendemonti grew up in a family that owned a small business. His father owned and operated a full service car wash, as he worked in that car wash every single weekend of his adolescence from age 12 and through college. Rendemonti never allowed to play team sports due to helping the family business, their livelihood depended on the weather, and his father constantly lived in a world of fear and scarcity. If it had rained for two weeks his Father had to borrow money from the bank to make payroll, and pay the bills. When it was sunny, he made a lot of money only to have to pay the loan back to the bank from his times of need. Long story short, Rendemonti's live was in constant see saw of borrowing to then paying back money.

Never having the opportunity to save money outside of the business, in retirement plans, investment portfolios or other long term savings plans, his fathers' plan was to eventually sell the business and live off the proceeds for the rest of his life. No one coached Rendemonti's father that inflation, planned obsolescence, stock market losses, increased taxation and other necessities of living would eat away at his fathers nest egg. In fact, his father never really knew how long the money would last...fearing to suffer potentially devastating consequences due to not having enough assets. 

Lucky for his fathers' “retirement plan “, but unlucky for him and his children, he contracted lung cancer about ten years after selling the business at age 75, and one year away from completely running out of money. The seriousness of the matter is, had his father not contracted Lung Cancer, Rendemonti and his brother would have been their dads' retirement plan. 

Going through personal family experiences is the reason why today, Rendemonti is a leading financial advisor. His results reflect the passion he has for his clients as he provides a solid financial future so they never need to live in constant fear of not having enough money.

Expanding his own practice, Rendemonti specializes in helping individuals protect the hard earned assets they spent their entire lives creating. If he does his job right, you can live with the knowledge that your long term interests are protected. With a little planning and a strategy, you can have a life that is truly “rich” and abundant.

What To Expect

~ Execution on all areas of retirement life. (i.e. social security, cash flow management, legacy & estate planning)

~ Comprehensive investment planning tailored for your specific needs and objectives

~ Ongoing mentoring and steps to achieve your hopes, dreams and goals

~ Systematic risk management rebalancing portfolio

~ Development of customized investment policy statements

~ Access to a world-class team of professional money managers 

Community Connections

To continue fulfilling her personal objective of helping make the world a better place to live, Bravo devotes considerable time and effort to work with community leaders in the areas of childcare, elderly welfare, and women issues. Through her own business and many coalitions with community groups, she continuously creates new programs, resources, and opportunities to empower women and their businesses.

Inspired by career challengers, Bravo became a successful Financial Advisor in a male-dominated profession. Engaging in the South Florida community, she became involved with various organizations and community groups, such as: Founder of Domestic Violence Taskforce in Miami-Dade County, member and former President of the National Conference of Puerto Rican Women, Member of The Dade County Association of Child Care Directors, and former Treasurer of Florida Exporter and Importer Association.

Aside from community-focused organizations, Bravo is also involved with the financial community. She is the Founder of Homestead and the Keys Business Forum, President of Eagle Lakes Office Park Condominium Association, and now member but former Director of NAWBO, and the Women Chamber of Commerce of Dade - County. As this list goes on, Bravo proves to not only stand with change, but to lead her colleagues with poise, intellect, and character.

Awards & Recognition's

Recognizing that each client is unique, is why Bravo’s primary objective is to cultivate a long-term relationship centered on your specific needs, goals, and desires. Her commitment to integrity, objectivity, and personalization ensures that clients receive the absolute highest standard of attention and care. With countless awards and industry leadership recognition, Bravo’s reputation in the financial community is solidified as a top tier referable consultant. These honors include: The Million Dollar Round Table, The President’s Club Award, The President’s Cabinet Award, Leaders Club, and the National Association of Life Underwriters National Quality Award.

Registered Representative & Financial Advisor of Park Avenue Securities, General Agent of Guardian

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